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LASIK surgery serves as best option against vision problems

LASIK eye surgery is best option for eliminating the vision problems like myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism. The common vision problems include myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism. Myopia or nearsightedness occur when your eyeball is slightly longer than normal or sometimes when the cornea curves so sharply, light rays focus in front of retina and blur the distant vision. If you are affected with myopia you can see objects that are close more clearly and not those that are far away.

Hyperopia occurs when you have shorter than average eyeball that is too flat, the light focuses behind the retina. This condition makes near vision clear and distant vision blurry.

Astigmatism occur when the cornea flattens unevenly and leads to disruption in focusing near and distant vision.

The effective LASIK eye surgery corrects these vision problems in an effective way without any side effects and pain.

Choose the highly qualified LASIK surgeon for performing eye surgery

The important factors to be considered while selecting a good LASIK surgeon include the following:

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American College of Surgeons Membership

Board certification



  • The initial factor considered for choosing the good refractive surgeon is to verify the surgeon’s credentials by either state licensing boards or National Practitioner Data Bank. Surgeons must be a fellow of American College of Surgeons (ACS) membership for performing the LASIK eye surgery.

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    Check if your surgeon is board certified which means an entity recognized by American Board of Medical Specialists would have certified the surgeon to practice in their specialty. Moreover the surgeons if board certified, they would have completed specific training and perfect education about specialty.

  • You can ask for a referral from your regular optometrist or ophthalmologist for knowing the best LASIK surgeon with best reputation in the profession. You can also choose good refractive surgeons by advertisements in newspapers given by refractive surgery centers. Check if the ads are informative than others or not.

The important criteria to make LASIK eye surgery a great success

The main criteria for LASIK surgery are that your eyes must be healthy. It means that your eyes must be free from severe dry eye syndrome, infection and pink eye problems. Since dry eyes do not produce tears to keep your eyes lubricated and healthy. Hence before performing LASIK eye surgery these problems are reduced by artificial tears, medicated eye drops and fish oil supplements.

Since the LASIK eye surgery is done by reshaping the cornea using laser, your cornea must have enough thickness to ensure nothing goes wrong after the eye surgery. Moreover pupils must not be over large. If so, it could cause increased side effects like halos , glares in low light mainly when driving at night.Your prescription level must be within limits since high amounts of prescription for myopia would require the

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removal of too much corneal tissue and result in vision complications. Hence in order to avoid such risks, our eye surgeon advises you against LASIK procedure. You must have stable vision for at least a year. Age is also an important criterion since certain surgical procedures involved in LASIK require you to be 18 or may be 21. If patients are younger than these age limits they are neglected by the LASIK surgeon.

Finally good health is significant for performing the LASIK eye surgery. It is because, if your body has trouble with healing from other diseases, then this increases the risk of unsatisfactory LASIK surgery outcome. The LASIK surgery is not suitable if you are pregnant since hormonal changes change the shape of your cornea leading to temporary changes in vision.

Correct refractive errors like myopia, hyperopia efficiently by efficient surgical procedure.

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